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Annual Meeting Registration-Open

Hotel Information 

Annual meeting is held concurrently with the

Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists


The SRSA registration policy for the annual meeting is that all participants at the annual meeting must pay the registration fee either in advance or on-site. No exceptions.

The registration form will navigate you to the payment page upon completion. If you are paying by check, send payment to: 

Robert Zabawa: SRSA Treasurer                    

Department of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Tuskegee University

201 Campbell Hall

1200 W. Montgomery Rd

Tuskegee, AL 36088


The registration fee includes:


  • admission to all SAAS/SRSA concurrent sessions, panel discussions, poster sessions, and keynote addresses

  • admission to the SRSA awards luncheon and Presidential address

  • a one-year membership to the Southern Rural Sociological Association





Abstract Submission Closed

Questions: Contact Marcus Bernard, SRSA 2023 Program Chair 

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2023 Southern Rural Sociological Association Registration 


This online form is to register for the 2023 Annual Conference of the Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA) to be held February 5-6, 2023, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 


Early registration is open through 12 noon (Central Time) on January 18, 2023, and late registration is from January 19, 2023 through the start of the conference.


*****Note that a separate form should be submitted for each registrant (even if payment will be made for several people on the same check).

Will you attend awards luncheon??
Membership Catergory

SRSA 2023 Conference Theme

Social Justice Praxis, Community Development and Building Resilient Communities in the Rural South.

Dr. Anne Cafer, SRSA President 

Social justice is a critical and increasingly utilized frame for organizing scholarly endeavours. As such it is important for scholarly communities, such as the Southern Rural Sociological Association, to have meaningful conversations about the implications of social justice activities in their praxis. To pursue a social justice mission, is to, conceptually, level the playing field for society’s participants. This is done by ensuring both good and bad experiences are equally distributed across members of society and that the political processes that dictate these experiences are accessible to all members of the society. This equitable access ensures democratized, or equal, decision-making. While there are many forms of social justice-oriented work, community development (CD) provides a compelling avenue for pursuing social justice in a way that achieves, simultaneously, scholarly and community-derived goals. CD within scholarly arenas is often pursued as a form of participatory action research or community-based participatory research. This type of participatory community research is shaped by numerous critical theories (e.g. Marx, Du Bois), prioritizes community autonomy, agency, authority, and expertise, and works against hegemonic ideologies. The Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA) 2023 Annual Meeting calls for all forms of scholarly work, but particularly for those works that examine the role of scholarship in supporting community social change through both empirically and theoretically diverse lenses. Additionally, SRSA anticipates papers and panels that discuss the potential risks to communities by social justice-oriented work and welcomes those works that engage critically with emerging themes in social justice and community development. Understanding the role of scholars in supporting community-driven development through equitable partnership and community-led research process is critical to building stronger, more resilient communities in the rural South. 

Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA) Awards Information
2023 SRSA Annual Meeting ∙ February 5-6, 2022, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

SAAS 2023/SRSA 2023

Oklahoma City, OK - Feb 2-7, 2023

Omni Oklahoma City Hotel (SRSA February 5-6, 2023)

Future Conferences:

SAAS 2024 - Atlanta, GA - Feb 1-6, 2024

The Westin

(SRSA February 4-5, 2024)

SAAS 2025 - Irving, TX - Jan 30-Feb 4, 2025

The Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas & Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas/SMG, & Texican Court

(SRSA February 2-3, 2025)

Annual meeting is held concurrently with the

Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists

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