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The Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA) provides productive forums through annual meetings and its refereed journal, The Journal of Rural Social Sciences, for individuals interested in studying and understanding rural social change.

Our diverse and dynamic membership draws from regions across the country and from a broad range of social science disciplines and interests. Members come from universities and colleges, the Cooperative Extension systems, nonprofit organizations, government, business, and industry.

Anyone with an interest in rural issues may become a member of SRSA upon application and payment of dues. Membership dues are typically paid in conjunction with the SRSA annual conference, however, membership is also available on the website. Because SRSA places a very high value on collegiality and interaction around timely issues, it is an ideal first and lasting affiliation for students.

The SRSA annual meetings are held with the meetings of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists (SAAS). Therefore, membership in SRSA provides the unique opportunity for interaction and interdisciplinary collaboration with members in many agriculture-related disciplines.

Focus Areas
Crowded Greenhouse

rural economic restructuring * rural development * rural households in transition * sociology of community * sociology of health * sociology of poverty * rural labor market participation * agricultural restructuring * natural resource and environment issues * agricultural commodity production systems * globalization of the agro-food system * race, gender, and class inequality in rural localities

Our History

SRSA grew out of a special interest group of the Rural Sociological Society.

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